creating cheats?

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    Hello, I am interested in creating cheats but I have not found any guides. If anyone knows a guide or can create on that would be wonderful. And I did see an alternative to ntr that was supposed to make debugging easier, but I forgot the name of it.
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    GW is the easiest way to make cheats.
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  4. LunaLogic

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    NTR has a debugging program (NTR Debugger) that working on PC.

    For example if you want to making cheats on money.
    1.Open NTR on 3ds. Open debugging mode.
    2.Open game and get how many coins you have. Let's say you have one coin.
    3.Push HOME to stop the game.
    4.Run NTR Debugger and input "connect('(Your 3ds IP)', 8000)"
    5.Input "listprocess", and you will get a list about all the processes your 3ds is running. Normally the process of your game is Pid 0x00000025, but you can check "pname" and expect to find anything like "CTRxxxxx".
    6.Suppose the process of the game is 0x00000025. So input "memlayout(0x25)", and dump one (maybe the biggest I suppose) using "data((starting address), (size of the dumping area), filename='data.bin(don't change this name)', pid=0x27".
    7.After about five minutes you'll find your file lying in the folder of NTR Debugger.
    9.input "load" to load your data.bin.
    10.Input "start byte" or "start word" or "start dword" (depends on how large your target number is) to start a searching process.
    11.Input "search 0x01" (because you have only one coin).
    12.Go back to game and get a second coin.
    13.Repeat steps from 3 to 10(without step 8 of course).
    14.Input "search 0x02".
    15.Go back to game and get a third coin.
    16.Repeat steps from 3 to 10(without step 8 of course).
    17.Input "search 0x03".
    18.After several times, the results you find will be a number small enough to view (less than 10 maybe), and remains that number no matter how you change your coin number.
    19.Input "view" to list addresses of them.
    20.Input "write((one of those addresses), (0x0E, 0x27, 0x00, 0x00), pid=0x27) #".
    21.Back to game and check your coins. If nothing happens, just try another address. If successful, you'll find you've got 9999 coins.

    That's what I found on a website. After you've got the address of something, you can turn it into NTR cheats.
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  6. Ryft

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  7. DesuIsSparta

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    You can also use a program to compare the separate dumps, and it will highlight any changed areas which should be fairly easy to figure out from there. I know Hex Workshop does this but handles large file shorribly (1MB+)

    NTR is great for finding cheats, but it's unfortunate that the memory breakpoints only works on the N3DS and will 'never be supported' for O3DS :\
    There would be so many more powerful cheats due to finding pointers.. Well, we'll leave it to Gateway users to do that.
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