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    Apr 5, 2013
    United States
    So I was transferring some isos onto my external hard drive using Wii Backup Manager. Unfortunately, my computer froze while doing so, and I ended up turning it off improperly. Thus, I was left with a fragmented portion of a game on my hard drive. I deleted the temporary file, scanned for any damaged sectors on my hard drive, and got rid of the "?????" title from disc.info in the wbfs folder on the hard drive.

    Despite all this, every time I open up Wii Backup Manager the ????? reappears again. I guess it must be stored in some cache somewhere, or some hidden folder. I tried removing the title with Wii Backup Manager, but it failed to do so. I also tried to delete "invalid titles", but apparently it didn't recognize it as invalid. :/

    So now I have a bogus ????? title, and I believe it's causing my Wii to crash when I have the hard drive plugged in. (After being mounted it lasts about a minute before it shuts off randomly). What can I do to get rid of a corrupt title? Is there a cache for the Wii Backup Manager besides disc.info? Thanks.

    EDIT: Sorry, this is in the wrong forum. I already reported it so hopefully it will get moved soon.
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