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    Jun 23, 2016
    United States
    So I've noticed a recurring issue and I cant find any further info on it anywhere.

    I have everything working fine for streaming, except on several games I either cant save once I connect the debugger (says memory region is corrupt), or any saves read/made when streaming register as corrupt when trying to load later/without the debugger connected.

    Games I've noticed it on (there are definitely more out there):
    Triforce Heroes (any saves read/made after debugger connects are 'corrupted')
    Dragon Ball Fusions (saves fail after debugger connects and even valid saves read as corrupt/the game formats the save data if you try to load them).

    Note: these are all physical cartridges I own, but I have personally confirmed that the same behavior happens on SD/CIA-installed versions, as well (which were promptly deleted, if that matters).

    Anyone else notice this behavior/hopefully find a fix?

    Note: JKSM has an error opening TFH's/DBF's save archive after a save when streaming. Using NTR without connecting the debugger does not affect saving at all.

    I'm aware of kit-kat for streaming (its what I'm using now with no problems), but if/when I start creating my own codes, I want to be sure the memory locations I'm finding are not shifted or anything for these games.
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