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    Hey everyone, I eventually got a new cable and been using CopyTrans since then which is absolutely fantastic and very light-weight on the computer (PwnTunes file had its licence expired from the GBATemp who gave me).

    Still don't know why Apple doesn't make iTunes optional for iPhone/iPod/iPad/iEtc devices because if people don't like it they'll look for alternatives.
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    Nov 11, 2004
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    I've been using it for a few years off and on between when I found it when I had an iPad 2 some years ago until it broke, and I think I've had the 5s now for at least 9months and I've only used that with it as I don't want that iTunes garbage and it's co-installed baggage dirtying up my year old laptop. Yes I know it can't manage the apps, not a deal breaker, but man does it ever manage audio and video stuff so easily and effectively. Just the other day I fired it up after burning a couple CDs (one I picked up used, the other always forgot to) into MP3s and throwing them on the 5s which was very quick and painless unlike iTunes. I wonder if they ever got over themselves with moving all the damn buttons and functions around by release.
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