Converting Spirit Tracks Save

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    Hi all, i have a slight problem.

    I bought spirit tracks awhile ago for my sister for christmas, but i let her use my ds with the spirit tracks ROM beforehand, so she could play before christmas.

    I promised her i could take her save, and simply back it up to the cartridge when she got it.

    Problem here is, whenever i try backing up the data to the cartridge, Savesender freezes. I figure, maybe its to large, or im doing something wrong.

    Whenever i try uploading the save file to Shuny's save game converter, i get an error, so i cant possibly try and make it smaller. Any ideas guys?

    Information: is the website i mentioned
    im using M3ds Real, with sakura
    I am able to transfer and backup other data

    Unless something happened to it(like in frustration, i might have corrupted or messed with it by accident), this should be the data::

    Thanks all for your help!