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    Aug 20, 2015
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    Using Saviine, I was able to dump the files for my copy of "EarthBound: Beginnings". Woohoo!

    I want to use its save file with emulators (particularly RetroArch on my Wii U, to continue a "Let's Play" I'd been doing) — but, quite frankly, Nintendo's own NES Virtual Console emulator looks ugly*, and as you can plainly see, the .VES file's contents differ quite significantly from the typical .SAV file created in, say, FCE Ultra:

    Apologies for the gratuitous amount of purple, by the way.

    About the only thing they have in common is their file size: the .SAV file is 8192 bytes, while the .VES file is 8224 bytes (only an extra 32 bytes larger!).

    Parts of the save files look the same, but the top few hundred bytes looks radically different — enough so that I have no idea where to start with trying to convert it manually.

    So… Would there happen to be any converters or anything out there to turn the .VES file into an emulator-compatible .SAV? Or am I out of luck, and just gonna have to start my game over/deal with ugly graphics? :/

    For anyone who'd wanna compare the .VES file with a .SAV file of their own — or anyone who might want to build a .VES-to-NES .SAV converter and have a file to test it on —, my game's .VES file is attached.

    *For one thing, the palette is dim. Fortunately, I can compensate for this on both my CRT and HD LCD TVs (though more so on the former than the latter). For another, the graphics are BLURRY. I'd tolerated the blurryness on the CRT, 'cause I'd thought it was just because it was running at 480i, like how GB/GBC/GBA games are on the GameCube's Game Boy Player, but no — they're still blurry on the HD LCD TV, too.

    Nintendo also doesn't know how to do the Overscan Clipping correctly, either: in EarthBound: Beginnings (if not all NES VC titles on the Wii U), they chop the top 9 pixels off. That's it. :| It's not the top 8 pixels and bottom 8 pixels. It's 9 from the top, and 0 from the bottom.

    That's just me picking at nits, though. ¯\(º_O)/¯

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