[Translation] Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland 3D

(JAPANESE to ENGLISH Fan-Translation)


Release Date (3DS-JP): May 31, 2012

Genre: JRPG, Dungeon Crawl, Monster Collecting/Breeding
Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dragon_Warrior_Monsters
Trailer: credits to @Darkshowdo and Z6n4

Previous Releases
  • PSX-JP: May 30, 2002
  • GBC-NA: January 27, 2000
  • GBC-EU: January 25, 1999
  • GBC-JP: September 25, 1998
  • Hacking: Z6n4
  • Programming: Z6n4
  • Translation: EastonWest, Z6n4, JasonPK, [^Blark^], Masterofmemes
  • Editing: Z6n4, JasonPK, Callandor05
  • Graphics: [^Blark^], Z6n4, Darkshowdo
  • Font: Callandor05, Z6n4
  • Testers: Z6n4, JasonPK, [^Blark^], Darkshowdo
  • Trailer: Darkshowdo, Z6n4
Report all bugs to: [email protected]
Please try to include images and a brief description. Do not post them here, as we do not have time to skim the dozens of posts on where to get a copy of this, how to do this, etc. For questions, please check the FAQ section below.

Community Code: 23-5407-4251-7808
Terry's Wonderland 3D supports Online Play. The game has several different modes. Among them, you can join a "Community", to easily find other plays you wish to associate with, compete with, or against. Enter the code above to join our official Fan Translation English Community!

Google Sheet/Reference Chart:

Download & Patch Instructions:
NOTICE: If you have trouble beyond this, consult the FAQs below!
== Patch the Original RomFS ==

1) Downloads

a) PackHack v5.3 (http://pastebin.com/A1s8cmsD)

2) Obtain a dump/3DS/CIA of the Japanese game

3) Put your dumped copy of the game in the PackHack root folder.

4) Run HackingToolkit3DS.exe, and install it as
needed (might need to run SetupUS.exe prior).

5) Enter either D to extract your 3DS file,
or CE to extract your CIA. And then enter the name of
the file you put at the root, and press enter.
Choose n (case sensititve) when it asks
"decompress the code.bin file(n/y)?"
Extraction takes a bit of time, so be patient.

6) This will created a file called "DecryptedRomFS.bin".
This is what we need to patch. Open the xDelta UI
program from Step 1b. Patch this file with the provided

== Rebuilding a new RomFS ==

1) You need to extract the patched RomFS.bin file
you just created using xDelta. Open the PackHack.exe
application, and choose the RomFS Extractor (RFSE).
This will open an new application, called
RomFS extractor (from the pack Hack).

2) Click the "Open" button, and choose the new patched
RomFS file, then click "Go".

3) This should created a folder in the same directory as
your patched RomFS.bin, with an _ (underscore) at the
end of the folder name, as the same name of the file
you just extracted.

a) If you wish to use an NTR patch, you can skip the
rest of this, and proceed to the "using NTR" section.
Unfortunately, NTR only patched the RomFS, and the new
englush banner exists in the ExeFS, so we will skip
this section as well.

== Rebuilding a new ExHeader ==

1) Many people are having isues when they install the
1.1 official update, that the game hangs at the
Nintendo 3DS splash screen. In the folder where
you ran PackHack to decrypt and decompile the original
japanese game there is a file called DecryptedExHeader.bin.

2) Open xDelta UI, and patch the DecryptedExHeader.bin with
"v1.0-DecryptedExHeader.xdelta" the resulting file should have
the same name as "DecryptedExHeader.bin" and be in the same
location, prior to rebuilding the .CIA or .3DS file. Otherwise
the v1.1 official update seems to make the game hang.

== Patching in new English Banner ==

1) Locate the ExtractedExeFS folder created, when dumping the
game in Step 5 of "Patch the Original RomFS". Copy the
"banner.bin" file to your xDelta directory to make a backup
of it, prior to patching.

2) Open the xDelta UI application, and patch this "banner.bin" file
with the provided "banner.xdelta".

3) Copy the resulting file back to the "ExtractedExeFS"
folder, prior to rebuilding the 3DS or CIA file, in
the section below. It must overwrite the old
"banner.bin" file, and have the same name
as "banner.bin".

== Rebuilding a .3DS or .CIA ==

1) Copy the content of the folder created in the
"Rebuilding a new RomFS" section in Step 3 to the
ExtractedRomFS folder created in the
"Patch the Original RomFS" section from Step 5, in
the packhack folder, that was created when you
extracted the original japanese game.

2) Launch the HackingToolkit3DS.exe, and choose either "CR" to
rebuild a .CIA file, or "R" to rebuild a .3DS. Be patient, as
this process takes a while. It will also ask you for a name,
which does not matter. Name it whatever you want.

3) Depending on a CIA or 3DS, you will then simply need to
transfer the file to your SD and run or install it.

== Installing the Official TW3D v1.1 eShop Update ==

1) Make sure you have FBI installed on your 3DS. Go into your System
Settings, go to the Memory management, DLC, and then deleted the DLC
for Terrys Wondelrand ("DQMT"). If you are on a 3DS without CFW and
FBI installer access, you must have JPN region and be able to just
download straight from the eShop. Otherwise, continue.

2) Google "3ds title keys" and you will find the title key database website.

3) Search for "0004000E00074600" in the tiny search box, above the grid of keys/titles.

4) On the site, there will be a button to Generate a QRCode. Scan it using FBI.

You will receive prompts from FBI. You can only download a JPN title on a
JPN region console, so at this point you MUST choose to
"Install Ticket + Title". This will install a valid copy of the
"Terry's Wonderland 3D" official v1.1 updated.

== v 1.2 ==

  • Spruced up the Estark dialog
  • Rolled in various reported bugs from our users
    • text over flows
    • bad grammar
    • spelling mistakes
    • few context things in menus/wifi
  • Name changes:
    • Maizar the Exiled -> Maizarcane
    • hogeria -> hogeira
    • various japanese/english names fixed
== v 1.1 ==

  • Fixed a Game-crashing bug with the Archfiend's Grimoire
    • All 3 books have been renamed due to length restrictions not previously encountered
  • Fixed a message from one of the 2 NPCs in the Arena regarding breeding a "Boring Bug"
  • Fixed a message where the king had "I3" after a bunch of "?" and "!" characters
  • Renamed skill - "Parameter Break" to "Crafty Debuffer"
  • Fixed a bug with Cottney dialog overflowing out of the box in the intro scouting dialog.

Project Backstory
"It all started back in the Spring/Summer of 2015. I had a strong interest in the DQVII project that was going on, and after working on some translation projects in the past, I was wondering if my skills were anywhere near what they would need to be years later, to attempt a 3DS game.

And so I started dissecting the files, the .BINJ files being the easiest to break down. With these dumped, I started machine translating with my rudimentary knowledge of Japanese as well, and a strong knowledge of this franchies/series. I soon had a way of getting my english translations back into these files. In my excitement, I tried out the game changes using NTR, only to discover that though I translated cutscene dialog for the intro, it was all still in japanese! I soon discovered based on another members own investigations years ago, where this dialog was. Though he had no real idea how to extract it or recreate the files. So I set to work...

Many months later, I felt defeated. I could not figure this out. I had it to a point where I extracted the dialog fully (or so I thought), but could not for the life of me get the text back in without the game crashing! So I sat on it until the end of 2015. It was around this time, another member of these forums decided to take this project on as her own. Naturally, this pissed me off, as I had never totally given up, admitted failure, or passed the torch in any way shape or form. I'm sure some of you may remember this.

This newly acquired aggression put me back to work, for many late, sleepless nights to figure all of this out. I built many analysis tools to try to assess these files. I finally broke the majority of what barriers were holding me back, and in later bug testing, would find more along these lines, eventually squashing almost all of them.

I set out now, to find viable translators, interested in this project. With the help of Callandor05, I found Easton West. This guy... Wow! I won't drone on much, but the lush translation, puns, humor, and everything he added to it. It was remarkable writing, which we would eventually polish up, and incorporate into the entire script. It was around this same time I discovered Blark on these forums, and what we DQ fans know as the Dragon's Den. He has been google translating the game with his phone, making a screen shot guide, and compiling his own resources into english. I quickly snagged him up for menu translating. He provided a lot of work, which our editors later polished up, and he editted almost 100% of the in-game images after I showed him exactly how to do it. A huge thanks to him as well for testing! He would shortly be joined by Darkshowdo who assisted with Image edits, the new logo ideas, the trailer, and all the PR and support provided to you guys upon launch.

Of course, prior to this, the old large in-game font held us back, and limited us to only so many characters, per 2 lines, per text box. I quickly set to work on this, and discovered how to do it, but didn't have the time, let alone patience. Doing all of this stuff was quickly taking it's toll on my mental health! Callandor05 set out to create the font. Which he on his own, once I explained the complicated process of how to do it from scratch. He did a beautiful job on it, and you have him to thank for not going to large, small, or putting any more strain on your eyes!

Easton West eventually finished the main game script, and it was up to me to finish it. He also left us a bit prematurely with more of the random town NPC dialog completely untranslated. This is when I set to work, alone, and this took me quite some time. As I started to struggle going on this alone, I stumbled upon JasonPK. Now you've seen this name here, as he provided support on launch. This guy... You might say between him and Easton West, they collectively restored my faith in completing this project, and continually inspiring me to continue. JasonPK kicked some serious butt in editting, and expanding the script, since we had a smaller font, and much more room. Tackling menus, descriptions, and the story, I was now re-inspired to continue translating. It was around this time, I discovered MasterofMemes from another project. He ended up providing us with a little bit of work, but helpful none the less. JasonPK and I often turned to him for tough translations. Additionally, I was talking with the group of fans working on the Great Ace Attorney project. I must give them a brief shout out as well, as many of their translators helped point me on the right path on certain things I was just lost on (context wise).

Showing JasonPK how to machine translate, edit, and expand the text then was the next step. He showed no signs of slowing down, and was not having any trouble catching on either. Together, we steam rolled the rest of the script, until we hit a breaking point... This was the new, never before seen in english, post-game dialog. It made absolutely no sense to us.

I set out on my play test, and got to this. Conquering it in Japanese. Making many rough drafts of what I believed the story to be based on translation work. I then went through and rewrote, expanded, and fixed lots of the dialog in the entire game a 2nd time.

This is when all of you started seeing those progress updates and getting extremely excited. I occasionally ran into snags along the way, especially towards the end of the game. Every 2 gates of so, the entire town would grow more, adding new NPCs and all of their dialog changing along with it. Adding the post-game areas to the game as well, with all those NPCs further complicated this exponential growth and testing phase.

But, we got through it. I finished all of it, very late on 10/6/2016. Let me the team know, and we started working on a release plan. There were a few hiccups along the way, and some of you did an excellent job reporting bugs to us as we continue to improve this project.

Thanks again for all of your patience! We all started off doing this for ourselves, but grew tired of the game along the way after much play testing. We finished it for all of you though, and are extremely happy we saw it through to the end! Will there be more project? Who knows... We have a huge amount of respect for the publisher and do not ever wish to infringe on their IP, or disrespect them in anyway. We thought, being this was older than DQVII and that only recently got an announcement, along with VIII, this was safe to say we were not getting this one over here (like DQM1+2 on PSX).

So... here's to a successful project, much fun had by all, and to the future!"

- Z6n4

This is a full translation project, including:
  • Menus
  • Custom Font
  • Story/NPC Dialog
  • Network support
  • In-game Image translation and new English Logo/3D Banner
  • New localizations terms for monsters/items never used in English before.
How do I play this?
* You will need a 3DS that can use some form of CFW or Homebrew access.

How do I use the xDelta Patch?
* There are instructions above. You will, at the very least, need a dumped 3DS/CIA (your copy preferrably).

What should I do if I can't patch this on my own?
* I'm sure we've all discussed "that site". Perhaps search on there for a copy, or one of the methods provided.

Are there any other options?
* Yes, here are all of the options you can use to play this game, with more methods details in later steps:
* NTR - just need raw files and LayeredFS Plugin
* CFW - cia install (requires pre patched and re-built)
* Flash Card - 3ds file (required pre-patched and re-built)
How do I use HANS and NTR?
* I am not as familiar with HANS. For NTR you need LayeredFS. LayeredFS is created off of the EXEFS portion as far as I know, so if you (for this game) are running either the base version 1.0, or the eShop update (1.1) you would need the corresponding LayeredFS Plugin. Then, if you extract the patched version of the game, from the data folder, in the ROMFS, you need the Message (.binj files), Event (.e files), Font, Layout (.arc) and NaviMap (.arc) folders and files setup appropriately on your SD root, with the LayeredFS plugin. Then simply launch NTR, and then after it is done, launch TW3D.

What do I do when my game keeps freezing after launch, on the 3DS Logo?
* This means you likely have the official v1.1 update installed for the game, and are running a copy of the game that has an out of sync exheader. What can you do?
* Delete the v1.1 install from your 3DS Memory Manager, under "Downloadable Content". This will let your game launch , but you will not have online access for their Wi-Fi modes (v1.1 literally only gives you that).
* Use NTR. NTR will not care about this. If you have an original copy installed, and can either (with japanese 3ds) download and run the japanese eshop update, or (other region 3ds) install a CIA of the update, NTR will patch on the fly.
* Either patch your version or somehow acquire a version that has a matching exheader id and other info, to the CIA patch you are using.
* The exHeader.xdelta patch we've released should fix this issue while rebuilding.
What about my old saves?
* Use JKSV, it's a very nice save import/export tool, to back up your original saves. They will have the Japanese Game ID, and so will this version (because we are not changing the game id for this release for any reason). It is always a good idea to do this, because you never know what may happen, as everyone has different versions or may acquire them somehow.

I'm confused about the version numbers... HELP!
Ok, it's fairly simple:
1) The game released on Version 1.0
2) They released an update some time ago, bringing it to v1.1. If this is installed and running , you will see the text (v1.1) up by the game's title, on the main menu (where you load a game, start a new game, etc.)
3) The translation team has our own version number, to help you know what patch you are running. This appears in white text, on the black/red splash screen, with the team names and such/ It is in small white text, in the upper right corner and will also look like "v1.0" or "vX.X" where X is just numbers.
4) Our release numbers should coorespond to the changelogs we release (look above).
How can we use your updates?
* Sadly, developers like us do not have access to build update CIAs like official developers. You will need to repatch using xdelta, acquire new NTR files this way (or another listed above), or acquire pre-built copies from your friends somehow. These can simply be installed over top of what is currently there using FBI or some other manager depending on your system.

Help, it still isn't working!
* Alright, my favorite point! If you are here, it is because you are running Sky3DS, Gateway, or some old form of homebrew or Hax. Our team spent lots of time on this project, so please... Take a few minutes and do some research. Update your "hax" method, and maybe even get on A9LH like the rest of us. Everyone seems to be running a different (old) FW version, old BIN files for the "hax" and old BINs for their Flash Cards. Consult others at that point, as they may have tested on that. We ONLY tested on A9LH and "hax" entry points, using NTR most of the time (until we prebuilt using the xdelta).

Where can it be purchased?
* https://www.amazon.com/Dragon-Quest...74471409&sr=8-1&keywords=terrys+wonderland+3d
* http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_fro...and+3.TRS0&_nkw=terrys+wonderland+3d&_sacat=0


Community member @zombone created this nifty 3DS Theme based on Terry's Wonderland 3D, in his own excitement for this project's completion. You'll find the links below, and a preview image! I believe the difference in the links, are the backing tracks and sounds (made from a request here). Thanks again @zombone !
LAST UPDATED 10/6/2016


[01/31/2017] - Here is a custom graphic stitched together by @Thau that was printed and put on their N3DS LL.
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Well-Known Member
Dec 5, 2012
United States
Yessss so glad to see progress being made. You are literally my hero right now. I can't wait!

Edit: Also, I'd love to help with any retexturing you may need done. Things like shop signs. I like photoshop and while I've never really released anything I always strive to keep the original feeling and design. All I'd need is the actual English to put on said textures.
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Jan 28, 2016
United States
Sweeeeeeeet! I've been waiting for a fanlation of any of the Monsters games on 3DS! Can't wait either!

Also, wasn't this project under wraps? I mean, nothing wrong on looking for aditional help, but I'm a bit worried Square Enix might want to put a stop to this if it becomes too widespread.

Regardless of that, best of luck to the team involved!


Well-Known Member
Feb 22, 2016
I'll definitely be watching this. I've seen this project come up for years with nothing and I already like where this is going! The monsters games will probably never get localized considering it's been 4 years already.


Dec 2, 2007
United States
Awesome, cant wait. Really hope Square Enix doesn't catch on though.
Will you be using the old monster names or the new ones?
Technically speaking, the old names (ex "Goopi" instead of being named "Muddy Hand) was due to space constraints and not their actual names. In fact, if you catch a wild Goopi in DWM and dont name it, the game suggests "MH" and you can guess what that means.


Sep 13, 2009
I was hoping you'd say new names but if they don't fit then it'll have to be old
I'm pretty sure it will be the new names; Bortz was just saying that the 'old names' from the original DWM were to due to space constraints in their official English translations and that their names were always e.g. 'Muddy Hand' in every other instance.
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Oct 27, 2015
Good luck with this project guys! :D Thanks for doing this! Also will you be using the newer terms for spells, (e.g Frizz, Crack) or the older ones, (Firebal etc.) ?

Helix Fossil

DQ Fan Translator
May 16, 2016
New York
United States
May God bless you on your journey! (and also save your progress :P)

If there's anything I can possibly do to help just let me know. I've got a haxxed 3DS with cfw and would be glad to test for you in case you need to do quick checks to see if something particular works. Not too handy with Japanese but I could do grunt work for some of the more basic stuff, too. I'm also a grammar freak and would be more than happy to proofread and edit as needed. Anything to help get this done!
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Dec 20, 2008
United States
This looks like it is coming really far,and I am very thankful. Based on the pictures attached to the OP, there seem to be two fonts you are working with, so will will the more visually appealing (or popular) version be used or there be a patch file for each font? Personally, I like the bold-like text better.

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