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    Mar 28, 2013
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    Is there a way to convert Nintendo 64 Gameshark to Wii Virtual Console? I want to use some Super Mario 64 Gameshark codes that don't exist on Geckocodes.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Nov 21, 2005
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    I imagine there is.

    Emulated devices, like would be on the virtual console, usually have a copy of the device's memory (especially the parts where any data goes) stashed in there somewhere.
    The trick you have is finding it. Various ways to do it but if you are not inclined to play hardcore hacking type then the easier way is in the memory will probably be some bit of data that does not change or is always that when booting, playing a particular point or whatever. Dump the VC memory and search for that in the Wii VC memory dump. Wherever it is you have your offset. To that end add the location to the effective location you have from the N64 cheat, the payload of the cheat should be the same and there you have it.

    Said location might change between boots on the Wii VC (unlikely for anything it emulates but not impossible either) so be aware of that. In that case you will probably want to find the pointer (boot a bunch of times, note where the emulated console's memory is each time, compare for anything pointing the way to that) for it as well and incorporate that into it.

    Couple of links on N64 hacking/cheat codes

    Looks nice here as the RAM starts with the start of memory, unlike the DS.
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