Convert AC:WW (E) to AC:WW (U) sav

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    OK - not sure if this is the right place to put it - but I don't think it was flashcard specific

    Anyway, My setup is Ak2i with AKAIO 1.6RC (but I guess other card users also may have a similar problem)
    I can't get AC:WW (E) (Animal Crossing: Wild World - Europe version) to run with my setup IF the cheats are enabled, but AC:WW (U) (The American version) DOES work with cheats enabled

    Now I don't want to restart AC:WW from scratch (I've collected too much stuff) so thought I'll just copy over the AC:WW(U) version, replacing the (E) version but still use the same 'sav' file - but the AC:WW(U) doesn't see it !!!!. The game starts from scratch

    So I'm wondering - is there any way to convert an (E) version of my sav to work on the (U) version of the game.

    Since both 'sav' load into the latest 'Animal Map' editor fine I'm guessing there's a header or something in the save file that tell what version saved it in the first place,
    so if it's a case of just changing a few bytes of code in a HEX editor - I can do that

    Anyone help - & Thanks in advance
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    Not trying to troll, but did you change the .sav's name accordingly?
    (As far as I know, there is no difference in the way in which the data is stored in the .sav file, so they an be exchanged.)

    For example, the Cyclo DS needs savegames to have the same name as the ROM. This means that if the previous ROM name was ACWW(E).nds then the savegame will be called ACWW(E).sav

    If you want to use the ACWW(E).sav file with a ACWW(U).nds ROM, you will have to rename ACWW(E).sav to ACWW(U).sav (the same as the ROM, except for the filename extension).

    I hope that makes sense.
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    Yep it made sense & it doesn't work - it was the first thing I did

    The actual names I have are
    Animal Crossing Wild World (U).nds
    Animal Crossing Wild World (U).sav (this is a renamed one of 'Animal Crossing Wild World.sav')
    Animal Crossing Wild World.nds
    Animal Crossing Wild World.sav
    If I had spelt the name of the (U) sav wrong - then the AK would've created a new sav of the correct name when I started it.

    Since I've posted I've tried other things:-
    > I have deleted the (U) sav & let acekard create a new one, then copied all the data in the (E) sav into the 'blank' (U) sav using a HEX editor - No Good
    > I have created a 'blank' (E) sav and a blank (U) sav (up to the point where you leave you house & Nook has finished talking),
    then used Animal Crossing Map Editor 'Advanced' mode to make both files to have EXACTLY the same map/shop items/neighbours/Neighbour home items etc & compared both in a Hex editor, thinking that since both contains the same items then any difference COULD be the difference between (U) and (E) saves
    - found there are quite a few differences - too many to list

    Without knowing what parts are related to things like 'textures data' and what not I don't know what to change in my original (E) sav to make it a (U) sav
    If some1 could say something like 'offsets xxxx-yyyy contain data for .... whatever', then it might give any idea to where in the sav the (U) & (E) differences are

    I am guessing that somewhere in the sav file is some code that when the game starts it checks to see if the sav is for that game - otherwise you could 'accidentally' use a Tetris sav on a Mario game