Console Power vs the twins

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    IGN put out a graphics comparison of AC4 for Wii U, PS3, PS4, and 360

    In general PS4 is claimed to have better graphics power than Xbone so not having that in there isn't a big deal.

    Sure PS4 graphics will likely get better over the consoles life cycle and it does have the best graphics in this comparison but I do not think it is that significant.

    I have been hearing that this console generation does not really have that wow factor to the level we have been used to seeing. Ps2 to PS3 was a huge difference going to HD for the first time, but seriously I would be hard pressed to watch some of these and pick out the difference. I don't think just looking at some game footage it will be as immediately obvious what is PS3 and what is PS4.

    What I am thinking is that while the Wii was significantly behind the HD twins last console generation it doesn't seem to be the case based on what I have seen so far. The Wii U will not be as far behind the competition graphically as it was the previous generation in my opinion. Whether or not that is going to matter much is another question. It may make these new consoles be adopted slower than many are predicting. With out that wow factor right now a large portion of consumers may wonder what is the point in upgrading to an expensive non-backward compatible console that has no games.
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    this video was so inconsistent with where and when they switched the consoles I had to stop watching it because of the confusion

    but from what I can get out of it, the Wii U isnt doing bad at all graphics wise.
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    Err no. It's a launch game, that also happens to be cross-generation. So obviously there isn't going to be the most impressive visuals ever. And AC is a weird looking franchise that doesn't really push anything from a console either.

    From what I can tell, the WiiU is a tiny bit sharper than PS3/360 and has a bit better draw distance. But there were some models changed in the WiiU version like the tree after Edward climbs the tower, its a different tree all together.

    But even then, the PS4 version isn't so substantial where it makes one go "OMFG MUST HAVE FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP".
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    There are PS4 games that have the wow factor, trust me. Its a generation beyond PS360U.
  5. Duo8

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    Jul 16, 2013
    I think graphics improvements over generations is like sound systems over the years. From what I've heard, Stereo feels 80-90% more "realistic" than Mono. Quadraphonic is ~10-15% more than Stereo and so on. But it will never reach 100%.
  6. ShadowSoldier

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    Oct 8, 2009
    I think he means the "HOLY CRAP!" that people got from say Super Nintendo to N64. From ps1 to GameCube, from ps2 to PS3...
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    As soon as I saw the first sentence, I said, "this thread will shortly go to shit." Do people even care about stuff like this anymore? Wait, let me rephrase. Why do you people care about stuff like this? I'm trying to promote the idea that *shudders* games don't need excellent graphics to be fun. I reiterate my Monopoly: The Boardgame example. Sure, it's visually stunning (especially the Millionaire Edition), but it is just way more fun. Even if it looked like shit, I'd still play it since it is so much fun.

    I was watching a video that mentioned game guides and it made me think that that zaps all the fun out of playing games. Seriously, why explore if you've got a book that says, "do this and that to finish the game."? No thank you; I'd rather grind through the game; I like a challenge. And I want to have fun while doing this, kind of like what I did in Skyward Sword. I only got tired of it after ~500/600 hours of gameplay.
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    What are you going on about? You talk about this thread going to shit, and then you post that?
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    Yeah; helps, don't it? We've had threads like this in the past and they all just go bad. Plus I'm tired and should stop lurking anyway.

    Edit: Oh, and your avatar. Are you a man or a mouse? You keep removing the image that defines you on this site. Seriously, it's annoying. (at least to me)
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    Looks amazing, holy crap...
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  12. McHaggis

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    Really it boils down to whether you need the bleeding edge graphics to make you feel like you have some sort of bragging rights, because there are more raindrops on the screen at once, or the models on your version of AC have slightly better lighting, more defined skin and a "tireder" looking pirate, or if you prefer to play with an extra screen you can glance at for the map and so on.

    Personally, I'm in the crowd that couldn't care less about the slightly better graphics of the PS4 version. I'd be happy enough playing it on the PS3, but I'll probably get it for the Wii U... just as soon as I get around to finishing AC3 and the other 5 games I've bought recently but not had the chance to complete.
  13. ranchermatt

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    I want to see a game made for a PS4/XBONE/PC and downported to the other consoles to see how the graphics compare. Also I bet it will vary from developer to developer.
  14. FAST6191

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    Depends. From the perspective of the random person on the street probably not. As a some times student of 3d graphics and related technologies there is a bit to be excited. However it is not hard to argue that the former is all that really matters.
    On the flip side where devs had to be good/think hard and design around the limitations of the system to bring us things looking as shiny as they do it could be argued that now the average dev can bring us the equivalent shiny for less effort.

    Also I am not sure it was the jump to "HD" as much as an increased polygon budget and a few other effects.
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    Mar 17, 2010
    I don't like how artificial looking the PS4 version is. I actually prefer the PS3 version in that regard.
  16. Taleweaver

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    Dec 23, 2009
    I better keep a link to this video for those threads where console A is considered less powerful than console B. Or if there is a version out there where the mentioned consoles are blanked out, that would be even better...

    Because there is practically no fucking difference between the consoles whatsoever. And that's with two of them in direct comparison.

    Yeah, yeah...I know. Launch games, not taking full potential, console X can be made to show much better games if developers knew how to code...blah blah blah. The truth is that the differences matter far less than ever before.
  17. Guild McCommunist

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    Are Nintendrones still trying to tell themselves that they didn't buy a console that was years behind the industry standard in terms of tech?

    Pretty sure ACIV was just a up-port to the PS4/XBO so it's not exactly a valid comparison to say "Look! The Wii U isn't that far behind!"
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    I'm not seeing a whole lot of differences between the four versions other than the obvious one - the PS4 version had rain. I can also understand why I'm not seeing any - because the target platforms of the game were the PS3 and the 360 to avoid painstakingly down-porting it to the less proficient platforms. Up-porting is always easier since it's not rocket science to add a sugar coating to a baked cake - good luck removing an egg from baked pastry though. I'd much rather see a comparison between an XBox One/PS4/Wii U game, but we'll have to wait a tad longer for those to pop up.
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  19. Bladexdsl

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    oh noz the ps4 has more reflection on the water that's it the wiiu is fucking doomed now!
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    Where can I find the white paper on this standard?

    I couldn't find anything from IEEE on it...