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Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by gooddegenerate, Dec 15, 2012.

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    Sep 23, 2012
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    I just purchased a wii component cable and when I hooked it up to my HDTV. I turned it on, went into the
    options and turned on 480p. It was still in 4:3 mode so I had to go and turn on widescreen obviously.
    The issue was, when I turned on widescreen the image is sqooshed together. I resolved this by simply
    changing my HDTV options to "wide" instead of "normal" for my component input channel. I thought that
    had fixed it.

    For one thing, USB Loader GX looks a bit wonky with the stretched out hand cursor.

    I decided to play some majora's mask on Wii64 and I know it has the option to force widescreen, where it
    renders in 16:9. So I turned that on and tried to play majora's mask but the image looked 4:3. I tried
    changing my HDTv's options back to normal instead of wide but it just made it look even more sqoooshed

    Was my component cable automatically suppose to go 16:9 when I set my HDTV to "normal" or do they default
    on 4:3?

    If not, how do I fix the issue?


    When I play DBZ:BT3, I noticed on my HDTV that it doesn't change to 16:9
    and remains at 4:3.. If I change it to 16:9 it looks stretched. Does that game not have a dynamic aspect ratio similar to other wii games like
    Skyward Sword where it's aspect fits standard or widescreen televisions? I could change the aspect
    ratio in USB Loader GX's settings, but that of course only stretches the image out.

    But I noticed a cool feature on my gamecube games called DML widescreen where it forces the game to be
    rendered in widescreen format which makes GC games look wonderful on my television. Is there a way to
    implement that into the wii games and not just games used by dios mios?

    Also if that option could be implemented into the n64 virtual console games?
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