Compiling homebrew on the consoles themselves?

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    Would it be hypothetically possible to port devkitPro on a console and be able to compile homebrew from there? Or are the consoles not fast enough/still not cracked enough for it?
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    Can be done, but not practical. Them running a special OS don't help.
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    Now all the memories of arguments on cross compiling vs native come flooding back... bad times.

    Anyway yes as such things are open source then they could be ported over. Hacked enough does not really apply -- if you can load a file, access CPU instructions and memory then you can compile something as it is not something that has to, or even really benefits from, the ability to reach out and touch more restricted parts of hardware. I guess if your compiler uses a lot of OS functions then you would want an OS like it on the console, lest you get to remake those as well in your port, but there are ways around that and it is not so bad for many compilers. Even with all though then it is still likely to be somewhat slower than even a cheapo PC (you can get cheap and cheerful dual core machines with 4 gigs of RAM for a song these days).

    To that end the only people such a thing is likely to appeal to though are those with only the hacked console or those with the hacked console and an android tablet/phone/whatever as their primary computing platform otherwise. That is not a large market.
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