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    I've been thinking of getting a SuperCard DSONE in addition to my current Acekard 2.1. Before I make my purchase, however, I wanted to know how well the Supercard works. I have had an Acekard for a while, so I never check the Supercard section. The main reason I am getting it is because of the features like real time save/guide. First of all, how well do these features work? Second, how well do games work compared to AKAIO? Do games with AP get fixed pretty quickly? Is there any big difference between the DSONE and the DSTWO besides the extra power for GBA/SNES emulation, and would it really be worth it to wait? Lastly, is there any reason that I should NOT get a Supercard?
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    I'd say games are fixed quick usually. Also, I don't think I've ever found something that didn't run (well, except for the games with anti-piracy stuff, but they were fixed quickly enough).

    Personally, I'd wait for the DSTWO, but that's just because I'd want the shiny features if it were me. IIRC the only other differences I know of are additional features in the version of EOS for it...(file copy/delete/move, being able to individually toggle cheats in-game, a cheat searcher...). They may have extra video playback features as well, since the iPlayer has them. Don't know if the DSTwo will though.
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    I think that atm EOS might have the best or near the best compatibility with new games that need ap patches (in some cases new games that don't work in any other card or that need ap patches work in EOS without needing to apply patches or anything). That happened for example with Shin Megami Persona Strange Journey and Super Robot Wars OG Exceed, that work without patches in EOS and in other cards they needed to wait for a patch/update to be released.
    Also since it's one of the few cards with a clean mode some more games that don't work in other cards work in it.
    That's the good part. But being honest in some cases when the games do need a patch (like with Pokemon) sometimes the fix takes a bit more than with other cards (but it eventually gets fixed). They might not be the fastest, but they are pretty reliable.
    In my tests, the compatibility overall is pretty good, i have a compatibility list here: and right now from 300+ games that i have tested, only 3 have serious problems (and i haven't tested those 3 in EOS SP2, so probably some of them are already fixed, i'll try to test them soon).
    Also so far realtime save seems pretty much stable, haven't had problems with it so far, tough i don't really use that function a lot. The same goes with the realtime guide, though this one has some visual problems that need to be fixed, but nothing serious.
    But waiting for the DS Two could be a good idea too, since it should come soon and have several advantages over the DS One cards.
    Overall i'm pretty happy with my Supercard, and i'm pretty sure that most of the Supercard users are also happy with their cards.