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Discussion in 'Computer Software and Operating Systems' started by jumpman17, Sep 23, 2008.

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    Okay, so I'm trying to watch a video and it doesn't play. Only sound. I was going to download the newest version of K-Lite Codec Pack but someone tells me CCCP is better. So I install that.

    Now my video plays. Good right? Well, now my 1080p movies are jumping and the sound is out of sync.

    So I install install the new K-Lite pack and now my video no longer plays and my 1080p movies are still jumpy and out of sync.


    EDIT: Well, it seems my 1080p movies play fine in Media Player Classic, just not Windows Media Player anymore. I guess that's livable.
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    what player?
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    You don't need a codec pack. Installing unecessary stuff is always a bad thing.

    Get yourself the following.

    FFDShow Tryout
    AC3 Filter

    Install them in that order.

    That's all I have on my media centre and I can play all divx and x264 downloads fine. You don't even need CoreAVC really, as FFDShow will handle HD stuff, but CoreAVC is lighter on the CPU.
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    Meh, I installed K-Lite codec pack on an almost clean computer (codec-wise), and everything's been great over the last few months. No problems with video formats at all.
    That said, everyone seems to complain about codec packs :\.
    Not sure why, as if you encounter a problem, it's easy to uninstall from add/remove programs, rather than manually downloaded codecs.