1. Exiron

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    Dec 14, 2010
    Well, the title says it all, is there a way to do it? I have a modded PS2 with the matrix infinity 1.99 chip, and I want to use cheats, but everytime I open the console lid, the chip goes into a sleep mode and the games don't boot, so I need to execute it from my pendrive. Any ideas?
  2. relminator

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    May 28, 2010
    Yes, if you open your cb dvd on a pc, you'll see a 3mb elf file. That"s all you need to boot cb on a pendrive. The bigger binary file is just a dummy since the ps2 needs at least 2gb of data for its dvd games.

    If you have fmcb, you can boot the cb elf from ulaunch elf. Now if you have a slim, chances are you'd see a black screen. That's normal though since the slim's usb driver is crap.

    What you need to do when you get a black screen is to look at your p1 controller and see if the red light is lit. If it's lit, remove the pendrive since the elf is already loaded.

    Once cb loads ( no pendrive in usb ), you can use cb normally.

    If you want to use cb as an elf for usb hdd games, you would need another special elf.
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