CMP NDS Cheats w/ NobodySSL Merged Database

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    So, basically- the NDS has no proper online support anymore, right? Instead we have two custom servers: AltWFC, and Wiimmfi, each with their own quirks and such.

    Theres three main steps to getting on these servers, Get your NDS games online with a compatible connection, get an SSL disabling patch, and changing the DNS of your connection to point to the new servers.

    Thing is, on NDS, that SSL patch is a bit tricky. You can do it patching a rom and running it on a flashcart, or by using an action replay code to patch a game on the fly, with a real action replay, the cheat functions on your flashcart, or some other alternative like NitroHax on the 3DS.

    Enter BarronWaffles, who put together a series of databases filled with AR codes that do precisely that, called the NobodySSL databeses- which patch out SSL checks on DS games with WFC support. Only annoying thing is- to use his databases on your flashcart or in NitroHax, you have to forgo having cheat codes for everything else unless you manually swap the file constantly.

    Anyway, long story short, I got sick of that. Got sick of it real quick. So... I kind of spent about 2 days on and off, manually merging the NobodySSL database into the last release of the rather popular CodeMasters Project NDS Cheats Database- fixing typos, game titles, and several other errors in that database along the way. It's far from perfect, but it's no less presentable than the CMP Database was before at least, perhaps it's even a bit more presentable, actually.

    So- at long last- here it is- hosted on FileTrip- I exported the database in every format avaliable as well.


    I myself was only able to test the R4DAT format, since I only own a SuperCard DSTwo- so if the other versions don't work or something, let me know. Enjoy. @PokeAcer said he tried the XML and it worked for getting on Wiimmfi via NitroHax, so there's that as well.

    As for getting online again, that connection part can be rather inconvenient, since NDS games support only WEP security (most things use WPA2 now at least) so you might want to use your phone as a hotspot or get a cheap wi-fi repeater and configure it with WEP security and a MAC filter.

    Oh right, and here are those DNS servers you set in your NDS Connection settings if you wanna play online. (Please do, it's really dead)
    Wiimmfi DNS:
    AltWFC DNS:

    Trivia: Ironically, this is only the second public thing I've done related to cheatcodes, despite my username.
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