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Oct 2, 2008
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Here's the set up.

2 hacked Switch's.
Sysnand + emummc set up on both.
Switch 1 and 2 sysnand is linked to real nnid. Switch 1 sysnand is registered as primary handheld and Switch 2 is registered as non-primary.

When creating emummc from the sysnand of Switch 2, the linked accounts get transferred over as well. So you'll get the "checking if this software can be played" message and error on every software launch. (Software still launches, it's just an annoying pop-up). I can clear the nnid connection with linkalho, and it will no longer verify. But if I try to link the accounts again, the secondary/non-primary setting of the console comes back and wants to try and verify all software launching. I have tried this with both linkalho and tinfoil.

I don't really care about the accounts on emummc being linked to a real nnid, but I would like to keep all of the avatars (mii's of me and the kids).

So a few ways I've thought about fixing this. Either there's some flag I'm not aware of that marks a console as primary or non-primary. I assume it's a flag on the profile, but I'm not positive if it exists or if it can be changed. Second solution could be to back up the avatars of the current accounts, delete the accounts, and create new ones, link to fake nnid, and then import the avatars. But again, I'm not sure of the process or apps that can help do this.

Any other suggestions on how I can fix this, or some more technical explanations of how the primary/non-primary system works?

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