Clarification on RxTools N3DS Installation

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    Following this guide here, I have a few questions to ask before I begin the process. But first, I'll list what I have hardware-wise and such.

    Device: N3DS
    FW Ver: 9.0.0-20U
    Sky3DS, GW Red/White, GW Blue/Black, R4i3DS

    A little background now: I've so far managed to get an EmuNAND up and running. However, since I don't know if there is another way, I've been running Cubic Ninja off of the Sky3DS, opening up the Gateway Menu. From here, I remove the Sky3DS cart, and insert my Gateway Red cart with BigBlueMenu.3ds on it. After booting into Gateway Mode from the GW Menu, I press SELECT and choose BigBlueMenu. I updated my emuNAND to 9.5.0. This is where I am, and would preferably like to start from unless it'd be best if I start from scratch.

    Goal: To run pirated and legitimate/dumped carts on the N3DS without the need of carrying around both my Gateway and Sky3DS carts. I will be primarily playing Pokemon games (from Gen 1 to now), with a few Zelda titles mixed in as well. I'd also like to take advantage of some of the game's online connectivity features in order to play with friends.

    Outlined Goals:
    1. Run pirated and legitimate games(legit from dumped or cartridge)
    2. Eliminate the need for carrying around the Sky3DS and Gateway cards
    3. Play games ranging from GBC ROMs to modern 3DS games
    4. Be able to access online features in the newer games
    5. Boot straight into emuNAND

    I'm on the understanding that I can do all of this with RxTools (for the installation of CIAs and the launching of .3ds files) and Gameyob (for the emulation of GB/GBC games). I am unsure of what I would need to launch DS roms, and think I can install 3DS CIA's with BigBlueMenu.

    Now, to begin installing RxTools, according to the guide at top, since I have an EmuNAND setup via Gateway, I can go straight to Step 2. Step 2 tells me I need a firmware.bin. Should this be the one for 9.0.0 (which is what my sysnand is on), or should it be the one for 9.5.0 (which is what my emunand is on)? Under Step 2, where is says for Ninjihax users, since I use Ninjihax to launch into Gateway Menu, do I need to follow that portion? Under Step 4b, it mentions I can install a CIA installer into sysnand. Why would I want to do that? Can I not just do that in emunand, and be safer because of it? When opening up the RxTools zip, the first file I see is IMPORTANT.pdf, telling me I should use 00040138200000002.bin from ReiNAND v2. ReiNAND v2 is no longer listed on the specific pastebin, and has v2.1 instead. v2.1 does not contain the aforementioned file. What do I do about this? One last confusing thing, in the rxTools.pdf in the download from the aforementioned guide, it is stated that to launch rxTools via either the browser or Ninjihax that "The last digit of your console's firmare version must not be 0 (e.g. 9.2.0-20E is compatible, whilst 9.2.0-0E is not)." I'm assuming this means that it means the last number, and not specifically digit, meaning my 9.0.0-20U should also be fine. My final question involves the section in the guide "Launching rxTools at boot - Themehax!" It states that this works for the 3DS/2DS. It does not specify whether it's specifically working for ONLY the O3DS or ONLY the N3DS, or if it works for both. Since it does not specify, can I assume it means it will work just as well on the N3DS as it would on the O3DS?

    Sorry for all the questions. Some things in these guides have just been unclear to me, and I'd rather not mess anything up during this process.
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    You wrote too many things out of your question.

    rxTools since Nov.15 no longer uses ReiNAND firmware.bin.
    It uses CakesFW firmware.bin instead.

    rxTools does work on N3DS Themehax.
    But you need to learn how to install and configure Themehax before using it to boot rxTools.
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    You should focus on doing one thing at the time, it seems that you are trying to learn everything at once and that's a bad start...

    There is plenty of guides in this forum that teach you all those things, so I suggest you to stick at one thing, get it done and move to the next one. Don't be a "Jack of all trades, master of none"

    Regarding your consoles firmware compatibility question -20 is fine, it isn't the same as -0.

    Your main goal and your 5 "outline goals" are reached by simply having the rxTools + Themehax/Menuhax + ctrbootmanager combo.

    The firmware.bin that you have to get depends in the rxTools build that you are using, not in your console's firmware.

    Themehax/Menuhax work in N3DS but most important, you are following the tutorial specified for 3DS/2DS, you can easily figure that out by the title of the guide... No where in there says N3DS...

    Follow this guide instead:

    ALSO: There is no way yo run DS Roms with a CFW neither with your Gateway red card, you'll need a DS Flashcarts for that.

    You can alternately install bluecardfix.cia in your sysnand to unlock the Gateway blue card (which is nothing more than an old blocked DS Flashcarts).
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