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    Jan 7, 2013
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    First, I've scowered for days now trying to find all the best Homebrew that I can.

    Let me state: My goal is experimentation, understanding, and pushing the capabilities of the amazing work hackers have done so far.

    So, I'm going into this with only two requirements: No Modchips, Only Softmods. I do intend to use backup launchers for not only Wii games, but also Gamecube. Emulation is big for me for older systems. I've got a first gen black Wii.

    So, I've noticed there's 3 Prime ciOS sets for Backup loading Waninkoko, Hermes and d2x.

    I understand the primary ones used for backup loading are 249, and 250. I also understand for the most part there's not a whole lot of benefit to one or the other. So, am I wrong, is there one that people primarily used?

    I know ModMii exists. It sort of pulls a lot of my information together, and I refused to use it until just now. So, I've got that, at this point I don't want a 'This will make it work' Answer, I sort of want to know why it works, what makes one better, I've found little reasons over personal preference.

    I've had a lot of requests from friends, and want to make a package of most user friendly, easiest to use install so I can simply hack these Wii's, with the most current, acceptable installs so there's little future conflict if the person wishes to hack on their own later.

    Overall the main point of this point is for other ciOS which I may not be using, or things people feel mandatory after using. So, I update to 4.3U, Letterbomb (Or in this case WilBrand) it, install HackMii/BootMii, then HBC, Finally Priiloader. Load it up, then install various different trial an error packs I've found around the web for ciOS's and WADs... I've found no definite: This is what you should do. Everyone's guide seems to be optional in one way or another, so we get together random bits here and there. Then I install CFG, GX and WiiFlow; Shortly after, DIOS MIOS, WiiMod and Various emulators.

    So, everything seems to run smoothly, but is this optimal? Again, I'm going to be implementing this on like, 3 other friend's Wii's and want them to get the most from it, they've been too hesitant and USB loading is amazing for speeds (And Hacks, Project M anyone!).

    Now another question of something I have NOT been able to get working. Triiforce / Mighty Channels. Black loads every time. I'm not sure what I'm missing. Assuming these are even the best to accomplish this. All I want is to be able to have all WiiWare into it's own subsect so it doesn't clutter my main menu. I want to simply be able to load a Homebrew App, and see all WiiWare and VC games in one section/catalog without looking all over my system menu. What works? I've heard of uLoader, but haven't tried it.

    Aside from ModMii, is there anything which allows for updating of ciOS as they are released through a Homebrew App? Something I ran run every now and then to load newer versions of ciOS's, Homebrew Apps, WADs, Ect? I tried Pimp My Wii for a minute, but it seemed to keep reverting some of my ciOS's back down to older versions, because it's version didn't match the current.

    Any help would be appreciated!
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    I can cover a little bit of the understanding for you. I could write a novel on this stuff, but I'll keep it short.

    First off, iOS is iPhone Operating System. IOS is the Wii Operating System. Small thing to nitpick over, but you want understanding.

    Second, d2x is the preferred custom IOS, or cIOS. There's a few odd things here and there that might require an older version of waninkoko's or hermes', but d2x is the one to go to.

    Third, 249 and 250 mean relatively nothing. The Wii has 255 slots that IOS can be installed to. Nintendo has only used ones in the first 100 thus far (and they're most likely done) so homebrew / piracy apps make use of ones in the 200s to not conflict. 249 and 250 are just the slots that the cIOS is installed into. You could put any IOS you wanted in those slots. Take this file name for instance:
    If that wad was installed (with a wad manager) it would install d2x version 8 into slot 249. It would base all of its patches on the official nintendo IOS 56. Different bases are required for different games, but for the most part 56 will run anything. You would only use a slot other than 249 if you wanted to install a cIOS with a different configuration.

    And finally, ModMii is great but it does a good job of blurring what you're actually doing to the Wii. There's a million dated tutorials out there from different times throughout the wii's life cycle, but here is the standard process:
    -Make use of an exploit to run the Hackmii Installer
    -Install the Homebrew Channel
    -Install IOS58 for USB 2.0 support for normal homebrew (if you don't already have it, and it's present in 4.3)
    -Reintroduce the old trucha bug if it's not present on your wii (hasn't been present for a while, this is currently done by installing "IOS 236", which is just IOS 36 with some patches applied)
    -Using a patched IOS, install cIOSes
    -If desired, install a replacement MIOS (such as DIOS MIOS) to run gamecube games from an alternate source (USB/SD) or to enable use of burned discs

    I'll let someone else help you with mighty channels. It's not something I've used before.
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    Jun 15, 2009
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    Have you tried to PM xflak, deadlyfoez, or joostinonline from our forums? They are 3 dudes that know their shit on the subjects stated.....
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