Chinatown Wars multiplayer problems

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    Everytime my brother and i try to play GTA Chinatown Wars multiplayer the wifi signal gets lost or both DSs just freeze up. Without fail this happens within 3 or 4 minutes every time. I've tried to correct this problem: I'm using latest M3 Sakura firmware, untrimmed roms, and I've tried using the "download play" option when loading the game. Every other local wifi game seems to work fine.

    We have 2 DSs(1 phat and 1 lite) with M3 Sakuras, class 6 A-DATA microsdhcs, and were usually within a few feet of each other when attempting to play multiplayer.

    If anybody has some suggestions, or just some wifi tips in general that might be of use to me I'd really appreciate it. Also, does multiplayer in GTA work for anybody?

    Thanks, and, Merry Christmas!!!