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    For those who want to have a "bad time". I recommend you play azure stiker gunvolt. The gameplay is fast intense and feels like mega man. The controls are sharp and this game looks and feels like a snes game. Unlike mega man. GV (thats what his friends call him in game as a short name, his full name is gunvolt,) gunvolt relies on tagging. See you don't shoot to do damage. You use it to tag so you can use your real weapon, flash field (aka a electricity based field attack). you can have up to 3 tags on a single enemy. which in turn, does the most damage when you use your main attack. This game is not for the feint of heart. As Just like mega man. It can be difficult. I had a dime every time I died. I would be rich. Also you have to watch your ep meter. As it depletes when using electricity, If you reach zero you will overheat which means you can't use it. Gunvolt's ability is key to winning the game so avoid overheating! His electric field doesn't just act as a attack. It also can attack as defense. Use it in the air to glide. Use it against physical projectiles and destroy those objects that could harm him. Now there is a sequel.... AND A ANIME!? Yep I just checked and now they have a anime for the darn game! neto. Well I honestly recommend you check this game out. as it is one of those hidden gems. waiting to be found.
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