Charge Wii U Pro Controller through a PC

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    Sep 19, 2009
    I have bought a Wii U Pro Controller without owning a Wii U and in the manual it says that you can charge it only through the Wii U. According to this you can charge the Wii U Pro Controller through a PC but it may not be "safe" to do so. Any info why it may not be safe and whether it could damage the battery pack when charging through a PC?
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    If your just charging through your own PC, it should be fine. Obviously on Nintendo's own website they will endorse only using their hardware, everything else is at your own risk.
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    Aug 17, 2008
    The USB ports on the WiiU are the same standard 5v 100mA - 500mA as PC USB ports.
    Some PC USB ports will provide more mA if the device tries to draw it but I wouldn't worry about that, the controller will only draw what it needs.

    I've always charged my pro controller via PC with no problems. Even older phone chargers with miniUSB connectors should all be 5v, just a higher amperage rating.
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    I've been doing it, and there hasn't been a problem. I would advise against using those wall-adapter-to-USB-ports that come with new phones though. I ruined a phone that way, thinking it would be the same all across. It was third party (the converter), so it may have just been bad hardware, but all the same, better safe than sorry.