Changing music for games

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    Ok first thing I need to know is:
    1. To unpack an NDS rom what program would I need?
    2. When finished with unpacking, what file type would the music be?
    3. Now that I found the file, how would I be able to convert my music the format of the games music/what kind of music format would work best to use?

    Any info on converting and replacing music would be very helpful.

    Thank you.
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    I think the way the DS music is;

    I think it is a Sequence File with Samples.
    In the event the game has actual CD Audio, then it is done by directly converting an MP3 into some form of other format, no sequences needed.
    But most music in games in a Sequence with Samples.
    *Exceptions [that I can think of]
    Guitar Hero DS games, Tony Hawk Games, The Tittle Screen Theme of Draglade 1 "Change Your Beet"