cfg loader error set fragments

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    Nov 16, 2012

    Sorry for posting a new thread but I really tried any solution I found out there, nothing worked:

    When trying to use one of the cIOS 222 , 223 or 224 (all mload), I get the error message (sorry if the translation is not accurate, I have it in german) "Error setting fragments 0 -3. ID Difference: [MY DISK ID] [] Error: Set WBFS: -3".

    I had hermes v5.1 at first in slots 222 - 224, now I installed v4.0 to 222 and 223, but I still get the same error.

    Oh and maybe I should mention cfg loader is working fine on 249.. almost everything runs on that, I just needed to try 223 for USB mics (we sing).

    I attached my syscheck file,sorry its in german as well but basically you should be able to get the required info out of it.

    Would be really kind if someone was able to help, thank you guys!


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