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    Dec 21, 2016
    Dear makers,


    I am a mod of /r/CemuMarioMaker and also the developer of SMMDB, a sharing platform for your Super Mario Maker courses. This is necessary because Cemu doesn't include any online functionalities and may never have them, so manipulating your own save to share courses is the only way.

    Over the past few weeks I made a lot of reverse engineering of the SMM save folder structure, which resulted in an npm module and I also wanted to make a GUI for it, so here it is.
    The tool simplifies downloading from SMMDB. Downloaded courses will automatically be extracted and placed inside your SMM save.

    It will also try to fix thumbnails! Cemu is currently unable to produce thumbnails of your courses, so most people are uploading their courses with broken thumbnails. The tool will try to fix them depending on the uploaded thumbnail and the YouTube video ID, so you will never miss a course or try to guess which course you want to play.

    Make sure that your Cemu is closed before loading your save inside the tool and also close the tool before starting SMM on Cemu.

    There is also still a lot to do. You can currently only browse courses on SMMDB, no packages, no filters. If you find any bugs, you can report them in this thread or on Github.

    To make sure your save file won't break, you should make a backup before using the tool.

    If you have any questions regarding SMM on Cemu, you should go to our subreddit and read the Wiki.

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