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    Mar 31, 2009
    Hello Temps, i have some questions about CEMU, and yes, noob like hell.

    From start, i still have my wiiu (with haxchi) so, if need, i can use it to get anything.

    First of all, i see on a tutorial, that you need change the KEYS file (or something like) and put a wiiu key to use. The tutorial show me a code for the key, but... use my own wiiu key is better? (if so, how i get it?)

    I have some games (that i own the discs) that i get on wiiu usb helper, since the software is not working anymore, there a way to convert it to the format that CEMU uses? if not, can i dump the game from my wiiu? (if yes, how?)

    i swear that i tried find these answers (especially the the doubt about wiiu usb helper games) but i get more confused than before. So pls help.

    Thanks a lot and sorry for the poor english.
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