CastleVania Judgment not working

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  1. killermike

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    Ok so I got Castlevaina today for the wii and right when it starts off you cant hit any buttons but the home key and its the only one that works so I can not get through the menu or even to the game. Anyone that knows what is going on can help please? (Oh and this is a burned copy).

    Edit: I fixed it my Gamecube wireless controller was plugged in and it went to direct control with only the wireless control with out even using the Wii mote.
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    What do you use, a Backup Launcher or a modchip? Castlevania Judgment loads up for me just fine using Wiigator's Gamma Launcher.
  3. dearodie

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    It's like Mortal Kombat or Dragon Ball, if it detects a GC controller plugged in, it will default to that.
    Either unplug it. or use it.
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    Nov 18, 2008
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    Thank you dearodie!

    Add Sonic Riders Zero Gravity to the list - it's another game that does the same thing as the ones you've mentioned.
    Great fix, this has been bugging the crap outta me!