Cant update anymore due to overheating (warning to fat users)

Discussion in 'PS3 - Console, Accessories and Hardware' started by chrisrlink, May 26, 2013.

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    Ok so i had my 80GB fat since it first came out now until recently i never had an issue until i got the famous YLOD not once not twice but 4 times.repaired. 4 times the repair guy not affiliated with sony but is licensed by them (i think?) to repair ps3s he explained with every update the fat models produce mor heat until Supprise! The solder cracks agaiin i feel sony did.this on purpose so ppl who wants to continue playing must buy a slim (2x or higher) has anyone here had the same issue?

    Ps. Srry for the errors on my IPad 2
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    Oct 11, 2011
    Did he reflow the chips?
    Then yeh, it's going to buckle again soon under the stress.

    Get a reball and it'll be fixed.
    That and make sure your PS3 is in an open space.
    Also, make sure it's free of dust.

    I got an 80 GB Phatty which is still going strong.
    CECHL version.
    The previous user has it on nearly 24/7 and it never failed once.
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    Uh, updates don't make your PS3 hotter. Weirdest Sony "licensed" repair person ever.

    I'd make sure he didn't mess anything up, and is using quality thermal paste. Not any of that Chinese junk. Make sure the PS3 is dusted, which can also affect the performance of the system.

    Ask him what method he uses to fix the PS3. I doubt he'd reball a PS3 that many times, or that a PS3 would need to be fixed that soon after a reball.
  4. trumpet-205

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    No software update is going to overheat PS3. What a "licensed" repair person.

    Just so you know, you have to find someone that reballs CELL and RSX chip, not reflow where you bake the circuit board.

    But honestly speaking, it is much better to get PS3 Slim than keep fixing the Phat.
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