Can't play Boogie superstar

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    Oct 3, 2009
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    Hi, guys. I could play the backup games almost every time without any problems until today.
    I downloaded "Boogie Superstar" first and I could play the game, there was no problem.
    But today, after I put just "Boogie" the former version in the loader and tried to play but it didn't work.
    Further more, "Boogie Superstar" didn't work either. I delete both games' files in the usbloader, cache files, saved file in wii system and even cover images. And then I put those games in the loader again, now I could play "Boogie" with ssl.dol but still can't play "Boogie Superstar". Another wierd thing is when I downloaded cover for "Boogie Superstar", it's exactly same as "Boogie". Do you know why? How can I solve this problem? Please help me. Holidays coming, I have to prepare for that.
    My wii is 3.4u - rev14 - ios249 - wiiflow 1.1 and both boogie and boogie superstar and NTSC version.