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    Apr 22, 2013
    United States
    sometime ago, I got a 3DS repaired 3rd party for water damage. They kept the shell but swapped out the internals, basically giving it a new serial number.

    i used it for awhile but than wanted to transfer an existing Nintendo ID to it, but it was tied to the original serial of the unit I just got repaired.

    The new unit did not have the SN visible, so Nintendo support suggested creating a new id just to get the SN registered on their system to see it.

    We did that, than they freed up the original ID so I can link it the system. The problem is, I can't remove the new id from the system, any attempts to format it gets the above message.

    Called Nintendo, and now they won't help since they did not do the repair.

    Anyone know a way around this error code? My only other choice is to pick up a new/refurb unit and sell this one as parts?
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