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    Aug 1, 2013
    United States
    Ok so I have spent a few hours trying to figure this out now, I am trying to load a game cube iso file that I have burnt to a verbatim 16x dvr. I tried following several guides now and it just doesn't seem to want to work for me. I am currently able to play Wii games off my usb and have homebrew ect. I followed the guide and used Installer for WiiGator's cMIOS version v0.2 to install patched MIOSv10 which I select patch for homebrew and backups yes and set revision to 65535 to yes as well. My neogamma is version r9 beta 47, and when I load it up it says I am using NeoGamma R9 B47, IOS 249 (rev 21006). I am using a verbatim DVR in which I burned a gamecube iso using IMGBurn at 4x speed. When I go to try to load the game cube back up in NeoGamma I set the options in general to save config yes, and then I go to game cube options and set game cube mode to internal, force video to disc. I then go to load the game from dvd and it says, Launching game, init drive waits for a moment and pops up the game id in which case is the ID for the game that I burned. It then loads a really blurred screen that seems to say GC Backup loader or something of the sort for only a moment, the screen then goes blank and my Wii seems to freeze. Im stuck at the blue screen until I power the system off and reboot. Is there a step that I am missing? I am really confused as I thought I followed the steps and did everything properly.
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