can you cheat easily on PS4?

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    Jan 2, 2014
    hi guys, finally I have enough money to buy a ps4, however the only game that I really want to play is Persona 5 because I grew up as a jrpg gamer, it's only in the last gen I started to play FPS and third person shooter. I must say, I am lousy at them, they need a very good coordination and reflect, and I am awful at these genre, nonetheless, I survived the last games by playing most of them on pc where I could cheat (infinity health, money, etc).

    these days, I only play video games for stories only, thus I don't really care about achievements. I don;t have enough money to buy a pc gaming rig unfortunately, thus, I decide that I will buy a ps4. however I am afraid I will not be able to finish most of the games. I am wondering if it's possible to edit your saves using software such as bruteforce program.

    (note: please don't lecture me on cheating, I barely have enough time to play video games these days because of work and life, if i don't cheat, I probably will not be able to finish 95% my game library)
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    There is a save game editor coming out in march. I forget what its called though.. Im thinking about looking into it myself. But for now, theres not really any way to cheat unless the game has cross save. (Borderlands 2 and TPS as examples). PS4 is locked down pretty tight