Can the controllers (mainly balance board) only be synced to one regio

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    Feb 5, 2009
    I have a US Wii and a Japanese copy of Wii Fit. My wife wants to play Wii Fit in Japanese. I want to play it in English (I have the gamma channel installed and a copy of the US version).

    However each time I boot up a different version of the game, I lose the sync to the balance board. It should be noted that I'm launching both games from the gamma launcher.

    Is the board syncing to the game profile and not the system? Weird problem.

    Also, when I tried to play Tastunoko vs. Capcom, also via the gamma channel, I couldn't use the Wii remotes at all. I had to use a gamecube controller. I hadn't thought to try and sync the wii remote, but ...

    I'm just generally confused about this.