Can Someone help me with my 3DS, Please?

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    I have a N3DS, it was on 10.3.0-28U, but three days ago I downgraded to 9.2.0-20U. I then followed to set up EmuNand on it. Everything was running smoothly, and I installed three CIA titles to my 3DS. I got down to the paragragh titled "Updating EmuNand", when I realised I had skipped some steps. I figured the best thing to do was restart the process from the beginning. When I used TinyFormat, though, I ended up with 3 files named a string of numbers and letters @ "SD:/Nintendo 3DS" when I'm only supposed to have two. And when I used ReiNand it switches between the two Nands that don't have any titles installed.

    After that I freaked out and reformatted the SD (using my PC) and took the 3DS back to factory. I now feel very stupid, and I need to know if there is anyway to fix it or if I should buy a new N3DS and try harder not to screw it up. Thanks.

    Edit: I did make a NAND.bin backup before I flipped out, as it's part of the instruction guide.
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    @Tigroid as long as you your 3ds is 9.2.0-20U it would still work i guess. if it does just follow the tutorial again.
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