Can someone explain me how does the vWii work?

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    Is it emulated or it runs natively?
    And what are the changes from the original wii menu?
    Does it play all wii games?
    And how is nintendont able to play gamecube games om wii u?
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    Dec 7, 2014
    Natively, but in a compatibility mode.
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    I think so, but don't quote me on that.
    Nintendon't uses emulation instead of hardware compatibility. We wouldn't want compatibilityception, do we? And I think the disk drive just isn't designed for those mini disks. It rejects it like a foreign object if you try.
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    The vWii is an interesting one, for sure. To cut a long story short, when you hit that Wii Menu button, your console actually becomes a Wii. A bunch of hardware switches are flipped resulting in all the fancy Wii U hardware being disabled and everything being rearranged in such a way that, as far as any running software is concerned, the console is a Wii. The only exception to this is the three CPU cores (which can't be effectively locked out) compared to the Wii's single core, although this has proven not to be a problem. This Wii similarity runs deep, even having vWii system updates hosted on the same servers as the original Wii's. Due to this, Wii games run perfectly.
    This is possible since both the Wii and the Wii U use PowerPC processors (along with an ARM security chip), which means that Nintendo doesn't need to emulate any of the number-crunching bits. They chucked the Wii's graphics card in there and everything just worked! It's a pretty nifty piece of design if you ask me.
    Nintendont takes advantage of this in order to run GCN games. You may remember that early Wiis were able to run GameCube games - this is down to the same reason the Wii U can run Wii games. It's all PowerPC, and Nintendo just added parts and toggled them on and off as needed. Using this, one can run (PowerPC) GameCube games on the (PowerPC) Wii U. It's not totally cut-and-dry though - Nintendo didn't include GCN parts (such as controller ports and the graphics card) on the Wii U, so Nintendont is forced to emulate these. In this way, it's a bit of a hybrid between native and emulation - the number-crunching is native, but basically everything else is emulated. It's like the ultimate dynarec.
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    sounds legit, I was about to say that nintendon't doesn't exactly emulate, the wii was just a pimped up version of gamecube, and wiiu was pimped up version of wii, WHICH is also a pimped up version of gamecube, and they both have similar load formats, wii and wiiu use elf if I recall correctly while dol is for gamecube, but the wii could load and read both elf and dol, and If I recall correctly the two are not too different.