Can I get someone to remove a secure value on a save?

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    I lost a few saves. They weren'tIt wasn't on my Sysnand, and through trying to check my NNID settings the system transferred to sysnand from emunand in the background without me noticing, asking me to update. And I did.

    I'm now on 10.5, and since most of everything on the 3DS is blocked off without updating nowadays, I want to make certain I get all of my saves that I can re-imported from my SD backup.

    Also, I've given up on my old miiplaza stuff. I have a backup, but I'm not even sure if the NAND.bin even has it. Even if it does, I'm still waiting on enough money to send my 3DS out for a hard mod.

    ... Anyway, on to the point... Is there anyone out there that could take my Pokemon Picross folder (from the Title folder) and the save file in it and remove the secure value of it? That way, when it's booted up again it'll generate a new secure value and it'll be able to be used again.

    I can't do it myself, none of the save managers compatible with 10.5 work on it due to the nature of the save itself. That's why I've come here to ask. Savedatafiler does the trick, I've used it before but of course I can't now.

    If you can, let me know and I'll PM you a copy of the save. I'd like to know if this is impossible as well...

    ... Oh, and I also need it done for Pokemon Alpha Saphire. It CAN have its secure value removed via save managers for 10.5, but the issue is I can't download it just yet
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