Can i downgrade?

Discussion in 'Acekard' started by SirChick, Jul 1, 2011.

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    May 8, 2010

    I recently updated my NDSi XL to 1.4.2 before i updated my AKAIO firmware.... now the XL does not load my cart.

    Is there any way to solve this like downgrade the DS version or some how run the .nds update file on the pc to install on the MicroSD and then running ?

    I tried on a normal DS small but the update freezes when it loads the screen which says press start to begin etc. So im guessing its because its not a DSi XL.

    Please help with what my options are.
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    1) The AKAIO firmware is not your problem. You can still update AKAIO on the MicroSD however that won't help you boot your card. The problem is with the physical firmware flashed to the Acekard. That can only updated by running an executable *.nds file to update. AKAIO does not control these updates, Team Acekard does.

    2) You cannot downgrade, I suggest you find someone else's system that is not updated and use that to update it. Such system includes a DSi on 1.4.1 or a DS Lite. You can find the Latest update file here but the latest DSi firmware is 1.4.3 and that also blocks the Acekard with no possible fix just yet. When updating the AK2i, use the "DSi" labeled update rather than the "DSL" labeled update because the "DSL" one is for more than one Acekard while the "DSi" one is for the current Acekard.

    EDIT: Sorry. It sounds like your card isn't making contact with the DS very well. This can be resolved by using the paper trick.
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    You need to find a DS Lite to use to upgrade your AK2i/
    You upgraded your DSiXL before you upgraded your flashcart.

    In the future you will need to remember to upgrade your flashcart to work on the firmware version you are going to upgrade your DSiXL.
    The newer versions of firmware block most existing flashcarts. If you upgrade your DSiXL first, chances are your flashcart will be blocked and you will be unable to run the software necessary to update it.

    This is a tough lesson to learn, but you boxed yourself into a corner. If you or one of your friends don't have access to a DSL, you will be unable to upgrade your flashcart. Worse case scenario is that you will have to sell your flashcart to someone who can upgrade the firmware and buy a new one from a vendor that flashes a new card for you.