Camera Black Screen, but works on system config.

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    Aug 16, 2015
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    After installing RxTools, then Luma 6.6 and Armloaderhax, my camera only lets me a black screen, and cant do any photo, or see any photo from my SD. I read about some "ctrapp" system file, being no updated or "misnumbered" (dont know how to explain better... like is not the correct version of the system file, and from that, the black screen). Because of that, i cant play Tomodachi life cause of the crashes with the Gyroscope and Camera uses in the gsame. Anyone knows how i can repair this? My actual system is: O3DSXL Ver11.4.0-37E With Luma 6.6.

    IMG_20170708_213439.jpg IMG_20170708_213537.jpg