Calico - Atari Jaguar Doom backport Version 2.0 release

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Calico Version 2.0 has been released.
Calico is a Atari Jaguar DOOM backport, available for Windows.
New improvements include gamepad and mouse support, enhanced controls such as separate use and strafe actions, and a new optional shader-based OpenGL 4.0 renderer (enabled by default).
"Calico is a port of the Atari Jaguar DOOM codebase back to the PC, aiming to support playing the game in its original form on that console with a minimum number of required changes.
It accepts either the game's ROM file or the extracted jagdoom.wad file from inside it.
You will need a backup device for Jaguar ROM cartridges in order to legally play the game.
I have undertaken reverse engineering of the GAS assembly files for the renderer, which are written in a custom assembly language understood only by the custom Tom and Jerry ASICs on the Jaguar motherboard.
Gameplay GAS files were additionally verified by cross-referencing against the 3DO source code and the Doom64 EX project, both of which share about 99% of that code but already in a C form.
Calico is named in honor of my late cat, Nikki Fritz, who was a calico tabby mix, because it is a "little kitty" of a Doom port."
Calico v2.0 contains the following new features and fixes:
  • Gamepad support
  • Mouse support
  • Enhanced control options: separate use, strafe-on, directional strafing, previous/next weapon actions
  • Optional GL 4.0 renderer with shader support; enabled by default
  • Support for -fast, -nomonsters, -warp, and -skill command-line parameters
  • Ability to quit current game and exit program from internal menus
  • Fixed a crash caused by the game's non-working status bar gib face
  • Audio code corrected for Windows 10 WASAPI compatibility
  • Corrected bullet tracers to use correct line-side checking routine (thanks Erick194)
  • Calico Configurator setup utility now included
Known Issues

This program is in development, so some things are not finished or have known issues:

  • There is no support for music yet.
  • There is no multiplayer yet.
  • Demos still desync; reason is currently unknown.


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Apr 3, 2018
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Actually I'm more interested if this source reveals understanding of the Tom/Jerry chips. Would be awesome to have that implemented in FPGA someday.
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