C2-12828-1 error

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    Feb 1, 2017
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    So I successfully modded my Vita last night. OFW 3.65 using h-encore method using this guide vita.hacks.guide/ . So I can get some programs like adrenaline running and such. But other programs like Homebrew browser load and then crash a few moments later, and other programs like the Quake port crash instantly. Both give me the C2-12828-1 error. I've attempted the rebuild database fix with no joy. I'm in the processes of preparing to attempt the system restore fix I've seen suggested. Is there any other methods I should try as a lot of the fixes I see online are for MaiDump games or crashes for the web browser based exploits. And yes I tried re-rerunning the exploit after the system restarted, and I did configure Ensō to ensure the exploit is ran at every start up as described in the guide I posted.