Broken usb-c port or charging control chip?

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    Yup, the next step would be kinda time consuming. You would have to go hunting for all the traces in diode/continuity mode on the multimeter, keeping in mind which pins go to ground (Green on the diagram) Record as you go.
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    Yeah that is one of the most common problems on portable devices with not charging problems.

    A friend with iPhone 5 had the problem, he wanted me to open it, so I opened it, removed the battery and I charged it in my iMax B6 charger and it charged well and the phone was good, I couldn't find any problem inside.

    After all it was just dust on the charging port LOL, we cleaned and all was fine.
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    Well, i got the multimeter.
    Now, let's see if i got everything right.
    With the charger connected y check these points from the motherboard side:

    is that correct?
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    Maybe the heat was from a fried battery trying to charge? Is it possible the new battery won’t charge because the voltage is off? That would explain what fried the original. You could probe the charging wires and see if it’s putting out anything. I’m pretty sure these new batteries have fail safe chips that help prevent explosions. Or at least try to. They’d cut the charge if not proper.
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    Maybe as a workaround if you have a good charger like my Imax B6, maybe you could make a direct bypass to the battery and make a new custom charging port for it and the good thing is you can chose how much time you want the battery charged, though I wouldnt even recommend a 1C charge on those crap Li-ion batteries.

    Its not a good option, but if you never find the problem at least this might let you use the console as a workaround :wink:.
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    Sounds to me like some of the pins inside the USB C port on the Switch have been bent. This happens more than some people might imagine. Because the port is surface mounted (with some thru-hole connections for the mounting lugs) it would be very difficult, if not impossible, to replace without the right equipment. I say this because I've successfully repaired a few like this over the past few months.

    Do you have a powerful illuminated magnifier of any type? If so, have a look inside the port and see if any of the pins are bent.

    How do the USB C port pins get bent? Usually because somebody has tried to plug the wrong type of connector into the USB C port. I've also read about very young kids trying to push assorted things into the connector.

    Here's the port:
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    Even with proper use those usb ports of nowadays break easily... That looks hard to solder.

    And they are so little that is probably also hard to check with a multimeter...

    However the overheating is strange unless some pins are shorting, if they are not shorting probably soldering a new USB C won't fix.

    Everything should have bring magnetic charging ports
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