Broken save file!

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    Mar 26, 2008
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    I have a Supercard SC1, and just beat the game Pokémon Ranger. Having beat the game, I decided I'd mess around with the cheats. So I applied some and next thing you know I appear to have broken my save file. Instead of the usual 512KB (I set it to that, though I realize it can also be 256), it's not 1.5MB (off-standard size)... and it will load the game, showing my name and that I'm level 10... but you click on it and it just turns black and freezes. Same goes for the missions or anything that otherwise loads the map.

    I have uploaded the file here:

    I've worked too hard for this to happen... if anyone can fix it so it'll load in the Supercard, I'd greatly appreciate it.

    Perhaps I got a bad ROM dump... for some reason, if I do Save State, when I load it it screws up too, where it'll show the map but refuses to load any linked objects... so the second I move off the map or try to talk to someone it freezes, same as what it's doing with that save. All my other games work fine for saving state.

    Any ideas?

    PS - I'd put this in the Supercard forum, but I think it's just a universal .sav so it should work with any cart.