Bricked Wii installing wads

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Pis7iix, Mar 4, 2017.

  1. Pis7iix

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    Mar 4, 2017
    hi! So I installed wads for some games and I bricked my Wii and at the time when I did this i didn't know about priiloader and Bootmii is installed at ios and I have no nand backup.

    When the Wii boots the Health warning screen comes up but when I press A sound from Wii booting comes but the screen is black.

    I read somewhere that Wii with installed cios can autoboot hbc disc via savemii is this true or is the Wii completly dead?

    Im not sure What Kind of brick this is.
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  2. GreyWolf

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    That's probably a bad banner.

    Without BootMii as boot2 or Priiloader there's probably not going to be a whole lot you can do other than get someone to reflash the chip with a programmer.

    The method you're mentioning requires a Wii that can read burned discs, a game ISO with an update partition that has the autoboot flag set on it and a modchip.