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    Sep 28, 2008
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    I installed system menu 3.3 the new one and then Couldn't install DVDX so i installed system menu 3.2 wad and i still couldn't so i tried replacing my settings with setting replace and it said wasn't a system menu? then i decided id take the wad update off my super paper Mario backup and install that (which was a stupid idea) because any region changer wouldn't let me install system menu 3.2, then try update with my Mario kart game. After i updated with wad manager it got stuck on restarting Wii so i pulled the plug turned it back on and nothing came up on the TV the Wii was on though. I tried on another TV still nothing the wiimotes wont sync the reset button doesn't work i have to hold the power button to turn it off the eject button works and if i leave a disc in the wii turn it off then back on it makes the boot sound but nothing still on the screen what can i do? My AV cable rattles when i move it so I'm going to try a friends AV cable to see if that's the problem but I'm certain its a full brick or something like that