Bootntr giving error, in loading codes for News 3DS

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  1. Ryumaru

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    Feb 1, 2015
    I'm having some problems with bootntr, the plugins for News 3ds are not loading. I downloaded the site speedfly plugins, when I access the game, after loading the green screen displays the error below.

    The error message appears.
    There was an error and the software had to be closed.

    I tried to use the plugins of the following games.
    Super Mario Maker
    Monster Hunter Stories

    Someone could tell me the reason for the error.

    My firmware and 11.3 I use Luma with A9LH.

    Note: I was able to perfectly run the plugins for Pokémon Sun and Moon.
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  2. pixelmasher

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    I would recommend version of NTR if you're not using it already. Mode 3 is for O3DS if don't know already. I would make sure the plugins are for whatever region your games are. Also make sure you have the right title ID.