Bootcamp Trouble

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    Hi guys.

    I bought my first mac/apple product... MacBook Pro 13''

    Since I'm going to do most of my works here, I've turned it almost focused to that matter... But that gt me thinking: what shall I do when I want to play some games? The answer was bootcamp.

    I downloaded Win7 x64 Ultimate, installed it with no problems. When it was supposed to log in, it said: computer shutting down. Since I've only installed it once on my old PC, I thought it was normal, so I booted Win7 again, but nothing happened... Black screen with a blinking cursor on the upper left screen, and almost immediate restart... I was WTF?!

    Did it again... And again... And again... And then I came to Mac... Messed with google, but couldn't find the answer. Tried again... Restarted again, and again... Went back to OS X Lion and here I am... Lonelly, asking for help [​IMG]

    Yeah, I'm hopeless --' Please help me as soon as possible please [​IMG]
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    Get an unmodified ISO, and burn it at a slower speed when you're not doing anything else on the PC to make sure it burns properly.