Blue Screen - Memloader Error

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    Apr 11, 2019
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    Hey guys I have a Switch that blue screened. Our customer said the unit was never or altered. I am following 'How to Install run any switch firmware unofficially without burning any fuses' guide step by step but I am getting stuck at STEP 8.2: TRANSFER BOOT0. After injecting memloader, when I try to start ums_boot0.ini I get the following error.

    BOOT section 'ENTRY'
    1zma: Decoding error = 1
    [MTC_LOAD] Error during 1zma decompression, got 0 instead of 246400 bytes out!

    Has anyone seen anything like this? I have replaced BQ24193 though it's possible it is still faulty? I checked pin 5 voltages for M92T36 and they read correctly.

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  2. Mickysky

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    May 20, 2019
    In the same situation with some differences in the bytes in the error

    BOOT section 'RCM'
    pc = 0x80110000
    1zma: Decoding error = 1
    [MTC_LOAD] Error during 1zma decompression, got 246400 instead of 4294967295 bytes out! will the number of bytes be fine?
    I have not been able to solve the problem either, neither by MEmloader tegrarcmgui nor by memloader.bin in sd, greetings.
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    same problem
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