Blue Screen Flash at Startup

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    I seem to have run into a pickle.

    I'm running Windows 7 x64 on my computer. This morning my AV went ballistic with false positives and there seemed to be some kind of update error within the AV. It started giving every single file as an virus so I decided to restart into Ubuntu to Google a solution. Upon shutdown, it hung a black screen so I held the power button (I thought the AV caused it to crash). I booted into Ubuntu to find that the AV Team was looking into it and was going to fix it very soon. So then I tried to reboot into Windows so I can disable the AV until the update and get on with my work. As I booted up, it gave me an option to do Startup Repair or Start Windows Normally. I knew what had happen so I just hit Start Windows Normally. As soon as the Windows 7 Logo shined, it gave the quickest blue screen flash I've ever seen and restarted again. It did not look like a error screen at all for the split second that I saw it, just text in the top right corner. Upon restart, I ran Startup Repair and it found problems and said it would take a little while to fix so I left my desk. When I came back I saw the BIOS Splash screen meaning the computer had finished the repairs and was in the process of restarting but I got the same scenario, it asked me for Startup Repair or Start Windows normally. Started Windows Normally gave me the same problem.

    Any suggestions...? I really don't want to reinstall Windows. I have any necessary tools such as Windows 7 Recovery Disc, Windows 7 Installation Disc, ect. I'm quite prepared but lost on what I should do.

    EDIT: Another Startup Repair seemed to have fixed the problem, Windows is running correctly. Sorry about all this.
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    Disable automatic restart on system failure so next time you get a bluescreen it displays the error.