Blu ray laser type for CECHG04

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    Nov 8, 2009
    I have a Playstation 3 unable to read blu ray discs. Cleaning the lens did not help so I assume the laser is busted. Now, I want to know which type of laser I should get. My PS3 is a 40GB model in the CECHG04 series. Should I get a KES-400A laser or a KEM-400AAA laser? I have read different things about them; that the KES is more prone to breaking and so on. I read somewhere that either one would work and I also read somewhere that the they are the same lens, and that the only difference is that the KEM-400AAA comes with a deck.

    So I just want this cleared up, which one should I get? I will refrain from linking to sites selling them because I don't know if that is against the board rules or not.