Biomotor Unitron 2 - Translation

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    History: The game is a solid entry into any RPG gamer’s shelf of games. The font table was found and dumped, allowing a better translation to be done. The script will be dumped and edited by a american non-japanese speaker. The game is similar to Biomotor Unitron, except better graphics, characters, story, etc. So, be prepared for another good game.

    Future Plans: I am currently working on all the items, including LEG, ARM, BDY, ACC, and Item, this includes their descriptions as well. Also I'm doing the Monster names as well.

    My issue is that my japanese is so-so, so some of the names are really unique, referencing greek and other mythological anicent creatures and monsters, so it's hard to translate. Would anyone be interested in helping out, there's about 10-20 monsters that I can't yet identify.

    Completion Stats:
    Maps 7%
    Items 0%
    Fighting 14%
    Monsters 0%
    Dungeons 20%
    Initial Menu Choices 100%
    Options Screen 100%
    Help Manual 90%
    Dialogue 8%
    Graphic Edits 0%